Ongoing class Schedule: (7/12 - 12/12) * updated 1/13

Santa Barbara Yoga Center
32 E. Micheltorena St., SB, CA 93101
(805) 965-6045

Level 1: Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 - 7:55pm

Level 1/2: Sunday 10:30 - 11:55am

Back Care: Sunday 4:30 - 5:55pm & Wednesday 10:30-11:55am

Weekend Intro to Yoga: Fri 7-9pm, Sat & Sun 2-4pm, Start Date: June 28

3-Week Intro to Yoga: Tues & Thurs 8:00-9:45pm, Start Dates: January 15, March12

Teacher Training Practicum I: Teaching Intro to Yoga Tutorial: TBA

Workshop: Back Care Fundamentals: TBA

Workshop: Intuitive Body, TBA

Cancer Center of Santa Barbara
540 W. Pueblo St., SB, CA, 93101
(805) 898-2114,

Yoga for Strength & Empowerment - Monday 12:30-1:30 PM

Gentle Yoga - Monday 1:30-2:30 PM

Private Sessions: (Yoga, Reiki or Swedish Massage)

Kat is available for private sessions (Yoga, Reiki or Swedish massage) at your home or hers.
Each session is individually catered to the person or people that Kat is woking with.
Please c
lick here to send Kat Connors-Longo an e-mail for more information.

Class Description:

Level 1: Beginning level Hatha Yoga class focused on breath, alignment, integration, strength and connection to internal stillness. Appropriate for students with very little yoga experience, those who have completed the Intro to Yoga course, and for students who want a slower paced class.

Level 1/2: Come nourish yourself with an ongoing slow flow intermediate beginning yoga class - slow and Saucy like a Sunday brunch easing into the day. The class focuses on breath, alignment, integration, strength and connection to internal stillness. Appropriate for all level yoga students. Room is moderately heated (70-74 degrees). .

Back Care class: A Yoga class, which will systematically work with the student's entire spine, from the nap of the neck to the tailbone, to relieve and prevent back pain. The class incorporates breathing techniques and yoga postures that blend bringing strength, flexibility and stabilization to the different areas of the body that sustain a healthy back. As a student you and your back, will walk away feeling integrated and energized. Appropriate for students with very little yoga experience.

Intro to Yoga: The perfect place to begin or to reawaken your interest and resume your Yoga practice! A short series of slower paced, informative classes will provide you with a strong foundation in the practice of Hatha Yoga, preparing you to proceed to the ongoing Beginning classes. The Course includes: a brief discussion of the historical and philosophical background of Yoga, the study and practice of the fundamental Yoga postures including correct body positioning and alignment, detailed instruction on how to combine breath and movement.

Introduction to Yoga Teacher's Tutorial For Yoga Teachers: Offered as a part of the Santa Barbara Yoga Center's Teacher Training Program, this is a 20 hour Tutorial and Supervised Practicum limited to 10 Trainees. It is centered on the Weekend Introduction to Yoga Course, which trainees observe and assist. The additional instruction and practice teaching, teaches you to simplify the poses and concepts that are the building blocks of Hatha Yoga. You will learn how to put together and sequence a class plan that gives beginners a very basic, balanced practice, which touches on all areas of the body. We cover the most common difficulties and injuries that beginners have, and how to adjust and modify for these. You will practice teach sections of the Intro course, learning how to use visual, auditory, and kinesthetic cues; combined with instructor feedback to help hone and refine your teaching skills.

Yoga Basic - An exploration of foundational poses. A multi-demensional practice. Class starts slow with emphasis on breath and range of motion, moves into strength building poses and finishes with nourishing supportive restorative poses. An opportunity to cultivate listening to ones inner self. A class for those looking to restore and energize. Suitable for all levels.

Gentle Yoga: A blend of gentle and restorative yoga. Yoga, with its gentle stretching and deep breathing, promotes relaxation, release of tension in the body and a quieting of the mind. Sessions include soft background music, guided imagery, healing touch/massage and a complete flow of meditative and restorative postures. No experience is necessary.

Yoga for Strength & Empowerment: An ideal class for women recovering from breast cancer and/or others weakened by cancer treatment seeking to bring their mind and body into balance. Flexibility postures, deeper stretches and standing poses are incorporated for total body conditioning and improving range of motion.


Kat Connors-Longo E-RYT 500